List of Keyes Boards/Sensors for Arduino

I thought that it could be useful to compile a list of the little Keyes boards and to link them to blogs on this site, wherever possible.

KY-001. Temperature Sensor DS18B20. Find sketch here.

KY-002. Vibration Sensor, outputs a LOW when vibrated. Find sketch here.

KY-003. Hall Effect Sensor. Find sketch here.

KY-004. Push button, outputs a HIGH when pressed

KY-005. InfraRed Emitter

KY-006. Passive Buzzer, needs a signal to operate, like a speaker.

AD-007. HC-SR05 PIR, motion detector. This module is included in the Sunkey Sensors kit.

KY-008. Laser 5 volts 650nm. Find sketch here.

KY-009. Three colour, SMD, LED. Find sketch here.

KY-010. Opto Light Switch, output HIGH when beam broken. Find sketch here.

KY-011. Two colour LED, Red and Green

KY-012. Active Buzzer. Find sketch here.

KY-013. Temperature Sensor, Analogue. Find sketch here.

AD-014. GY65 Atmospheric pressure sensor, similar to BMP180. This module is part of the Sunkey Sensor kit.

KY-015. Humidity Sensor, DHT 11

KY-016. Three colour LED. Find sketch here.

kY-017. Mercury Tilt Switch

KY-018. LDR, Analogue output. Find sketch here.

KY-019. Single 5 volt relay

KY-020. Tilt Sensor

KY-021. Reed Switch

KY-022. InfraRed Receiver, based on 1838 IR Receiver/Decoder

KY-023. X/Y Joystick, two potentiometers and a button

KY-024. Hall Effect Sensor, digital output only

KY-025. Reed Relay, digital output only

KY-026. Flame Sensor, digital output only

KY-027. Magic Light Cup Module, LED Blinks as Mercury switch Tilts

KY-028. Temperature Sensor, Analog sensor with HIGH when temp reached.

KY-029. Two colour LED module. Red and Green.

KY-030. MQ02 Gas Sensor.

KY-031. Hit Sensor, similar to a vibration sensor find sketch here.

KY-032. Obstacle Avoidance Detector, IR Tx/Rx pair

KY-033. Line Follower

KY-034. Automatic flashing LED Module, seven colours

KY-035. Hall Effect Sensor, Digital Switch Output only

KY-036. Metal Touch Sensor, Digital output. Sketch can be found here.

KY-037. Microphone Sound Sensor, Digital Output only

KY-038. Microphone Sound Sensor, digital and Analogue output

KY-039. Pulse Rate Detector, high sensitivity so shield from mains lighting

KY-040. Rotary Encoder


3 thoughts on “List of Keyes Boards/Sensors for Arduino”

  1. The missing numbers exist in other similar kits, such as the one from Sunkee. They are as follows:

    007 – HC-SR05 PIR Module (precise ultrasonic range sensor – the ones you usually see as a “buy together with” option for those standard 37 part kits).
    014 – GY-65 Module (atmospheric pressure sensor).
    030 – MQ-2 Module (gas / smoke sensor).

    Thanks for a great overview page, sure wish my kit came with that instead of 22MB worth of PDF files in Chinese ..


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