Tiny OS Bluetooth Bee Shield, using as a Master unit


I looked at the TinyOS Bluetooth Bee Shield in an earlier blog, here  and although I described how to set it up as a Master Unit I did not describe a project using it in a Master Role. I have just posted a series on the HC05/HC06 Bluetooth devices used in a remote thermometer project.

The TinyOS Bluetooth Bee acts just like an HC05, with the only difference being the Key pin used to switch the AT mode is connected through a switch to Vcc. This means that a sketch cannot use an Arduino pin to control the Key pin.

The series of blogs on the HC05/HC06 can be found here and this page has links to all the various parts. This shield plugs straight onto the Arduino and does not need a Logic Level Converter.

The project can be built and the HC05 and Logic Level Converter are simply replaced with the TinyOS Bluetooth Bee, upload the sketch as used in the HC05 project.

This shield has two small switches as a block in the middle of the small Bluetooth board. The earlier blog here shows how to set the shield for use with Software Serial.  With the sketch from the Remote Temperature Master uploaded onto an Arduino remover the power and plug the TinyOS shield in. Make sure that the two small switches are pushed over to the left (towards pin 1 on the Arduino) and apply power.

Now move the two switches to the Right, and press Reset on the Arduino and if all is well after about 25 seconds the blue LED will light and the LED on the Slave unit will remain lit. The two boards will have linked.


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