Arduino Crash Sensor

crash sensor

This sensor is simply a micro switch. When the small lever is pushed in an on board LED lights and the output goes LOW. The following sketch lights the LED on the Arduino when the lever is pressed.

// Crash sensor
int ledPin = 13;
int inPin = 8;
int earthPin = 6;
int vccPin = 7;
int valueCrash = 1;

void setup() {
pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT);
pinMode(inPin, INPUT_PULLUP);
pinMode(earthPin, OUTPUT);
pinMode(vccPin, OUTPUT);
digitalWrite(earthPin, LOW); // provide 0 volts for Gnd
digitalWrite(vccPin, HIGH); // provide +5 volts for Vcc


void loop() {
valueCrash = digitalRead(inPin); // read the state of the crash sensor
digitalWrite(ledPin, !valueCrash); // light LED if switch closed




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