Arduino acrylic baseplate

  These useful baseplates  can be purchased from eBay for less than £1.20. For example here. In addition I purchased the 400 tie point breadboard for less tha £2 from here. The breadboard comes as a small kit, the baseplates itself, a small pack of nuts, bolts and spacers and four self adhesive feet. The Arduino UNO can be mounted on either the left or right hand side by turning the baseplate over. I mounted it on the left, but this puts the digital pins furthest away from the breadboard.

Carefully remove the protective film from the baseplate and decide which side you will mount the Arduino on, the two holes closest together ar at the back of the UNO. Mount the feet on what will be the bottom of the baseplate. Mounting the UNO is a title tricky if you have big hands like me. Push the bolt through a hole and slip a spacer on it, push the bolt through the corresponding hole on the UNO and screw on the nut, loosely , this is when you are likely to lose it! I built mine up on a tray so that when I dropped anything it would not go too far. Once all four nuts and bolts are connected then tighten them, making sure the Arduino UNO is square on the board, remove the profective film from the breadboard and place it on the baseplate. Beware, once it touches the acrylic sheet it sticks  firmly and will not move without causing damage.

For me this represents a leap in small project trialing, everything staying firmly together. I also added a breadboard power supply like this one on eBay for £1. This is definitely a worthwhile addition to my workshop.


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