Using LPRS EasyRadio’s and Raspberry Pi


I was looking for a long range system to allow me to communicate with the Raspberry Pi and came across a USB radio system using LPRS EasyRadio. Each unit cost about £40, but offered an easy communication system over a longer range than WiFi. The system I purchased was the Easyradio USB Connect-2-Pi Dongle 900MHz version, designed to work with the Pi, but arrived with no documentation at all.

Searching the internet I found a simple setup sheet here. You first need to download a python script and, if you need it, an EasyRadio Windows Companion from here.

Full details for the setup are given in the setup sheet, and in less than 10 minutes I had it all working. I ran the downloaded Python script and sent the command ER_CMD#TR and received a reply from the radio showing the modules firmware revision number.

The next job is to get the radio working on the PC.


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