Weather Balloon 2. Connecting the Pi to an iPad

Most of the software I have had running before except for the radios. The first task was to try and link the Raspberry Pi to my iPad so that I could control the picture taking from the ground. Easy to do when everything was connected to my WiFi at home but could be a problem in the middle of a field.

I had an unused ZyXEL router which could be powered from a 12 volt battery and I used the following procedure to connect it. Ensure the router is reset to factory defaults and no password is set. First I connected the iPad using VNC to the WiFi in the normal way, turned on the router and waited for a few minutes to make sure that everything had settled down. I opened the wpa_gui on the Pi and clicked on the Scan button.


After a few minutes it found the ZyXEL router, click on the drop down list in the network box, then double click on the router. Everything will now stop because the VNC program has lost contact with the Pi.


Close down VNC and go to settings on the iPad in WiFi settings select your router and once it’s connected restart VNC and the Raspberry Pi desktop should appear. Of course it will not be possible to access the Internet unless the router is connected to the Internet.


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