Weather Ballon 1.

The first of what should be a series that will end in mid June 2015. I have just purchased a 2.5 metre weather balloon and six canisters of Helium to fill it with. The plan is to fly the balloon over the Isle of Wight Festival site in mid June. A Raspberry Pi with camera will be used to take pictures and video while an Arduino will be used for control and to collect sensor data. I hope to use radio links and WiFi to control the picture and video taking.

I only have the ideas at the moment and the means of achieving them remain a mystery. The available hardware at the start of the project are a Raspberry Pi Model B, several Arduino boards and a variety of sensors including GPS. EasyRadio USB radios will be used for control although I also have a pair of NRF24l01 radios that could be used. A Pi camera and a 7.2 volt LiPo battery complete the hardware at the start.

I have no idea how much Helium is going to be needed or what the problems are going to be trying to inflate it, but I expect I will discover that when it come time to fill the balloon. The payload is another unknown, one Internet source quoted at least 2kg but I will believe that when I see it. A bare minimum of hardware – Raspberry Pi, camera and LiPo battery is just over 100 gms, so there should be no problems.


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