Arduino Nano Extension Prototype Shield

nano breakout board

My usual route that I follow when working on a project is to use an Arduino UNO, then if the project is going to be mounted in a box or case I use an Arduino Nano. These tiny Arduino’s are just about identical to a UNO by are not much bigger than a postage stamp and can be had on ebay for less than £3.

The other week I discovered this ‘breakout’ board that cost just over £3 from ebay and sent off for one. It arrived today and I am so impressed with it. There are a series of plated through holes on the edge that I intend to solder female sockets to and that will allow me to connect both female and male connections to.

I know that the footprint is now back up to the size of a UNO, but it will be so much easier to connect sensors to, without using a sensor shield, or worse having to use a male/male connector to connect a female/female connector to the Arduino. I know that male/female connectors exist, I just dont have too many of them.

Each pin on the arduino has a GND and +5volt pin, there are plenty of 3.3v, 5volt and GND pins. Tx, Rx, SDA and SDL are also broken out to pins. I can see this little board becoming my main development workhorse.


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